Work from ‘The Third Place’

With the lockdown easing across the board, the debate around return to office has picked up steam. From a slew of incentives to termination threats, organisations and the leadership are setting the tone for this transition.

From an employees perspective, many of them are genuinely interested in returning to their workplace as prolonged isolation and ensuing Zoom fatigue have taken a toll. Also, the fallacy that work can only happen in office has been proved wrong. The workplace is more of a collaborative place and this is where the hybrid work mode can be the way forward.

N. Chandrasekaran, Chairman of Tata Sons has articulated the new reality in an apt manner.

“If the hybrid model has to work, let’s not think of it as only office and home. There’s going to be a concept of a ‘third place’.”

If you dig deeper, the problem may lie somewhere else. Not returning to the office is more of a symptom and not the cause. The real cause is the commute which has been a drag and a cause of concern for many. I believe this is also what Mr Chandrasekaran is alluding to.

What are your thoughts? Join the conversation here.

~ Sajid



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